Thomas Gross, Fuld Fellow (ABS Program)

Thomas Gross headshot.

About Thomas

  • Program: ABS Nursing
  • Hometown: Greece, NY
  • Favorite Self-Care Activity: Quality time with friends and family
  • Previous Education: Psychology, Bachelor of Science, Health Science, Bachelor of Science, The College of Brockport; Master of Business Administration, Healthcare Administration and Finance concentrations, Niagara University

Why Nursing?

Concepts of health and wellness have always been of the utmost importance to me. I started working in the healthcare industry 10+years ago and have been extremely fortunate to have held several different roles within the industry over that period of time (predominately in administration, operations and finance). As much as I thoroughly enjoyed my work on the administrative side of the  industry, I now realize that I was too far removed from the patients of our health care system. I want to be on the frontlines of our health care system, working tirelessly to encourage, educate and advocate for each and every patient.

Why UB?

There are several reasons for which I decided to pursue my nursing education at the University at Buffalo. Not only does the School of Nursing’s NCLEX pass rate“speak volumes,” but the University at Buffalo also has a worldwide prestigious reputation. When I first attended a School of Nursing orientation a few years ago, the School of Nursing staff was informative, genuine and warm –their eagerness to help students was refreshing. A final item worth noting is that the tuition rate for UB’s accelerated nursing program is extremely competitive.

Areas of Interest

My goal throughout nursing school is to “be a sponge,” absorbing as much information as possible from both coursework and clinical placements. I genuinely believe that before I can select an area of nursing that interests me most, I must understand to a greater extent everything that nursing has to offer. Preliminarily speaking, however, I have found that I am particularly interested in the specialties of cardiology and oncology. These are two specialties that I have found engrossing while completing the prerequisite work required for the ABS program.

Activities and Accolades

Academically speaking, one of my proudest accomplishments was being awarded Niagara University’s Outstanding MBA Graduate of 2016. Each year one graduating MBA student is selected for this award based on several criteria, including cumulative GPA, a number of completed credits hours/concentrations, and level of involvement on campus. From my professional work experience, I am extremely proud to have had the opportunity to view our healthcare industry from several different viewpoints. Over the last 10+ years, I have seen the nation’s healthcare industry from the perspectives of healthcare insurers, a private provider practice, two different hospital systems, a manufacturer of medical devices, and pharmaceutical consulting practice. I have been involved in numerous conversations with important implications in the areas of patient access, insurance benefit design, medication adherence, quality of care and outcomes, etc. I genuinely believe that my experiences to date have left me well-equipped to make meaningful contributions to the clinical side of the healthcare industry.


I am very fortunate in that I have an amazing support system that includes my family and a few lifelong friends. In my free time, I love being with my family and friends as much as possible. I also enjoy working out at the gym or running outdoors(I have never been a fan of running on the treadmill, inside). Finally, I have always enjoyed trying new foods and/or restaurants. When I am not with my family or working out, I can typically be found at one of my favorite restaurants in downtown Buffalo.

What's Next

Following graduation and sitting for the NCLEX, I plan to further my candidacy for nursing positions in the WesternNew York region. My primary goal following nursing school will be to gain as much exposure as possible to different disease states, as well as to cultivate competence in both acute and chronic care. I have always considered myself a lifelong learner, so there is also always the potential for an MSN program in my future, too (especially after some time in the field).


I am very thankful to have been selected for the Fuld Fellowship opportunity and this award will prove beneficial for several different reasons. Not only will this award help in covering the cost of tuition, but it will also provide me with opportunities to give back to the School of Nursing and the nursing community, in general. Volunteering outside the classroom will allow me to gain exposure not only to other professionals in the industry but also to prospective students, who are considering entering clinical practice, as well. Over the years, I have come to realize the importance of networking –networking not only allows you to stay current but also allows you to form new connections and gain the invaluable insight you otherwise wouldn’t have. I am looking forward to my volunteer service opportunities as a Fuld fellow and for now, can only imagine the invaluable experiences I will have as a result.