Elizabeth Soles, Fuld Fellow (ABS Program)

Elizabeth Soles.

About Elizabeth

  • Program: ABS Nursing
  • Hometown: Newfane, NY
  • Favorite Self-Care Activity: I love to go on runs in nature as well as practice yoga and mindful meditation on a daily basis.
    Previous Education: Bachelor of Science, Biology (Minors: Neuroscience, psychology), Canisius College

Why nursing?

Throughout my life, I have always worked in health care. Nurses hold a special place in health care and have the ability to not only care for the patient, but their families as well. I feel that all the different avenues nurses can take within their career will allow me to flourish and be fulfilled in my life as both a health care worker and a lifelong learner. I love to challenge myself in all aspects of my life, and I feel that nurses are challenged everyday in the midst of patients, decisions and critical thinking. I am so excited to begin my experience as a nursing student at the UB School of Nursing.

Why UB?

I selected UB for my nursing education because I feel that UB will prepare me for all of the challenges that I will face as a nurse. When exploring what UB had to offer, I was impressed with their academic curriculum as well as all of the clinical opportunities that they give to their students. In addition, the fact that the UB School of Nursing values include integrity, collaboration, accountability, respect and excellence are really important to me. I feel that UB is a place that provides a very inclusive and diverse environment where all students can thrive.

Areas of Interest

I would like to keep an open mind to all fields of nursing, as I believe each is very interesting and special in its own way. However, I do have an interest in the intensive care speciality of nursing. I really like fast paced, challenging environments, and I feel that working in an intensive care unit would allow me to see many aspects of nursing and allow me to grow both as a nurse and an individual. In addition, seeing the challenges that the nurses and other health care workers overcame within the ICU during the pandemic was very motivating to me and made me realize that I would also like to make a difference in the world like they did.

Activities and Accolades

Throughout my undergraduate experience at Canisius College, not only did I grow academically, but I also grew on a personal level. I was fortunate enough to have many different opportunities in health care that helped me realize my passion in nursing. I volunteered at a Remote Area Medical (RAM) mission trip in Ashtabula, Ohio, where I helped health care workers provide free health care to individuals. I also volunteered at a pediatrics clinic in Buffalo that provided care to children of lower socioeconomic status. I am very passionate about providing care to those who may not be able to afford it, and I love interacting with a diverse array of people.

Throughout my life, I have also worked in obstetrics and gynecology, plastic surgery and geriatrics. I spent much of mine as an undergraduate student working as a patient care aid (PCA) to provide care to the elderly in their home. This was a very rewarding job, as each day I felt fulfilled because I knew I was making a difference in someone's life.

During my last semester at Canisius, I completed my honors thesis defense in which I wrote a thesis that involved how different areas of our life biochemically affect our brains and body. In that I talked about changes individuals can make to improve their overall sense of health and well being. My passion for helping others and living a fulfilled life is something I care deeply about, and I feel that attending the UB School of Nursing will allow me to further accomplish those goals.


In my free time I love to incorporate various hobbies into my life. Since I was nine years old, I have played the tenor saxophone, so in my free time I love to write music and play my instrument. I also love to exercise; running and yoga are my two favorite physical activities, as they provide a way for me to release stress, enjoy nature and incorporate mindfulness into my daily routine. In addition, I love to read books on various topics. In particular, l love to read about how the brain works and how what we do as humans can affect the way we think, feel and act. I hope to be able to incorporate my love and background for neuroscience into the field of nursing!

What's Next

After I graduate from the UB School of Nursing, I would like to get a job working in the ICU. In addition, I would like to attend CRNA school to obtain my doctorate in nursing anesthesia so that I can safely administer anesthesia to patients. The field of anesthesia has always been an interest of mine, and I think it is great that nursing offers a career in it.


I am very thankful to receive this scholarship from the UB School of Nursing. It alleviates much of the financial stress that I would undergo from obtaining my second bachelor's degree. This generous sum of money allows me to worry less about the financial aspect of nursing school and allows all of my attention to be focused on thriving both academically and in the clinical setting. I know that the accelerated nursing program will be a rigorous time in my academic career, and I am thankful that I am able to take on that challenge to the best of my ability without having to worry about the financial aspects of nursing school. Being provided with this trust money motivates me to pay it forward in my professional career as I want future nursing students at UB to thrive to be the best students they can be without worrying about any financial burdens.