UBNursing 2019

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Dean's Message

  • New Wende Atrium
    Our school is a place of transformative learning and stellar classroom education. Faculty and staff continue to evolve and grow in the increasingly tech-savvy academic and health care arenas, answering the call to flourish in this interconnected world.

Research and Innovation

Global Health

  • Embracing a Global Perspective in Nursing
    Immigration, migration, air travel, internet, social media, cell phones – these and many other factors continue to make our world more interconnected than ever before. As national and physical geographical boundaries diminish in power to separate populations, other mountainous borders and barriers have emerged – economics, politics, culture, ideology, education – that present new challenges for quality of life and health.
  • UB Introduces Micro-credential Program
    Smaller than a minor or certificate, a micro-credential program provides students with credit-bearing opportunities to gain relevant workforce skills – such as intercultural fluency, collaboration, critical thinking and leadership – without the financial and time commitments of a degree. Students earn digital badges, which are clickable images that house information validating their newly acquired skills. These dynamic credentials can be shared on social media, digital resumes and e-portfolios.
  • Meet Molli Oldenburg, UB SON's Global Initiative Coordinator
    Embracing a global perspective is often a result of first-hand, transformative experiences – and that is the case with Molli Oldenburg, DNP, FNP-C, clinical assistant professor and UB School of Nursing’s first global initiatives coordinator.
  • Cancer-Related Health Equity: A New Priority for the New York State Cancer Consortium
    Nearly 110,000 New Yorkers are diagnosed with cancer each year – with about 35,000 annual deaths attributed to the disease, cancer is the second leading cause of death in the state. The cancer incidence rate in New York is the fourth highest in the nation.
  • African Refugee Women have Healthier Pregnancies than U.S. Women
    African refugee women experience healthier pregnancies than women born in the United States, despite receiving less prenatal care, found a recent University at Buffalo study.
  • Nursing Student Global Mission Trips
    Two nursing students joined an interdisciplinary team that traveled to Ghana in 2019 to provide medical care for the local communities. The team set up a clinic and administered care for hundreds of people, many of whom walked five miles to visit. Kwasi Adusei, DNP ’19, says, “There is always work to be done, but even if you can make a person’s life better, just for one day, it could be the moment of hope that transforms their lives, but never as much as that moment of hope can transform your own.”

Education Innovation

  • The "IPE" in Team
    “IPE” is becoming one of the most important acronyms in health care – but what is it?
  • Minding the Mind in Nursing School
    A nurse’s world revolves around the care of others. But who cares for the nurse? In nursing school, students learn how to provide patient-centered care, but their education is often lacking the elements of self-care and mindfulness – a practice that may aid in preventing burnout.
  • UB Builds Escape Room
    Escape rooms have reached the college classroom. To improve teamwork and communication between nursing and pharmacy students, the University at Buffalo School of Nursing and School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences have turned to the popular, mystery-themed game for interprofessional training.

Alumni Perspective