Show & Tell, Nurses Edition: UB School of Nursing’s Year of the Nurse and the Midwife Photo + Caption Contest

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ANA Year of the Nurse 2020-2021 logo.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has designated 2020-2021 the International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife. We invite you to join us in this year-long celebration of nurses and midwives with our photo and caption contest! Submit a photo and caption that captures each month's theme for a chance to win a $50 gift card.

One grand prize winner will be selected from the 12 monthly winners; this photo and caption will be displayed in the UB School of Nursing and in our annual magazine, UBNursing.

Monthly Themes

January: Global Health

Nurses work in a range of exciting and challenging environments in various settings across the globe, providing care to underserved communities and individuals who need it most. Show us your global health work in action, and tell us why global health is important in nursing.

February: Nurses & Education

Nurse educators go above and beyond to ensure the next generation of nurses continue to grow and improve patient care. Show us your favorite nurse educator and tell us why s/he is fantastic. Nurse educators and preceptors – show us your teaching in action, your mentee, or any other education-related activity, and tell us why you choose to be an educator or why nurse educators are so important.

March: Community Service/Volunteerism

Nurses often participate in programs that provide free health services to individuals in the community, but they also volunteer in many other ways in the community. Show us a photo of you helping a neighborhood clean-up activity, working at an animal shelter, assisting with a community health program, or participating in any other volunteer activity, and tell us why volunteerism is important to you or the community.

April: Nursing Pride

Show and tell us about your amazing shift team, an award you’ve won, or any other reason you are proud to be a nurse or nursing student.

May: Family Appreciation

Nurses are strong in part due to the support of our families and friends. Show and tell us how your family or friends have impacted your decision to pursue nursing, how they support you as you navigate a demanding career/education, or simply why you think they’re amazing.

June: Nursing Science & Knowledge

A cornerstone of the nursing profession is evidence-based practice. Show us your research, a poster presentation, or any other nursing research-related activity, and tell us why it’s important for the profession or patient care.

July: Reader's Choice

Nurses play a vital role in health services worldwide, and more nurses are needed every year. This is your chance to show and tell the world something you think everyone needs to know about the most trusted profession or why others should consider pursuing a nursing career.

August: Self-Care

Self-care is vital in high-demand professions such as nursing (and nursing school!). Show us your favorite self-care activity, and tell us why this is your self-care activity of choice or why self-care is important to you.

September: Advocacy & Leadership

Nurses advocate for their patients every day, but legislative and political advocacy and nurse leadership is equally important in advancing the profession and improving patient care. Show us your advocacy or leadership activity, and tell us why it’s important to you, patients or the profession.

October: Professional Development

Nurses are dedicated lifelong learners. Show us how you continue to grow your knowledge or involvement in the nursing profession, whether it is through earning your next degree, participating in nursing organizations, attending a conference or any other professional activity, and tell us why it’s important or how it has helped you grow.

November: Interprofessional Teamwork

Nurses are an integral part of dynamic interprofessional teams who provide complex care and patient education. Show us your interprofessional team or group, and tell us about your team and how you work together to ensure the best outcomes for your patients. Nursing students – show us your IPE activity, and tell us how your IPE experiences will help you become a better nurse or what you’ve learned from working with other disciplines.

December: Mentor Appreciation

Great mentors make great nurses. Honor a nurse who helped you find your path or grow in your career – show us a professor, preceptor, a nurse on your unit, or anyone else who you’d like to honor for their hand in helping you grow, and tell us why you appreciate him/her.