Largest group ever of UB students, faculty to present at the ENRS 35th Annual Scientific Sessions

The School of Nursing will present a total of 18 research posters at the national conference. 

Students, faculty and staff from the School of Nursing are once again set to attend and present at the Eastern Nurses Research Society’s annual conference on March 23-24 in Philadelphia. Several of the School’s 18 poster and podium presentations will touch on this year’s theme, “Promoting Liberty: Addressing Determinants of Health Through Nursing Science.”

The objectives of this year’s conference include exploring historical, existing and emerging nursing knowledge addressing the impact of social and structural determinants on individual, community, and population health; the robust role nursing science has on understanding the impact of social and structural determinants on health; and strategies to design, implement, and disseminate nursing science that promotes health equity and mitigates disparities.

Students and faculty posing for a group photo.

A chronological listing of UB School of Nursing presentations is below.

Poster and Podium Presentations


Non-Pharmacological Management of Neuropathic Pain in Older Adults: A Systematic Review
Ashleigh Holmes; Yu-Ping Chang

Adolescent e-cigarette User’s Perspectives and Preferences Regarding Cessation Interventions
Yanjun Zhou; Eunhee Park; Ayesha Khan; Sabrina Guo; Paige Gerardi; Maheen Turk; Yu-Ping Chang

Parent-Identified Gaps in Preparation for the Postpartum Period in the United States: An Integrative Review
Danielle Nazarenko; Ariel Daniel; Kafuli Agbemenu

How Men with Multiple Sclerosis Cope with MS Symptoms: Cross-Sectional Survey Design
Rebecca Lorenz; Nouf Alanazi; Patricia Nisbet

How Palliative Care Nurses Overcome Barriers Related to Social Determinants of Health when Helping Patients Transition from Cure- to Comfort-Focused Care
Norine Masella; Suzanne Sullivan; Yu-Ping Chang; Catherine Mann

Mindfulness Knowledge and Practice in Chronic Condition Self-Management: Qualitative Analysis from Persons living with Pulmonary Hypertension
Tania Von Visger; Nouf Alanazi; Yanjun Zhou; Yu-Ping Chang

Experiences with a Technology-Assisted Mindfulness- Based Stress Reduction Intervention During COVID-19 among African American Adults
Leann Balcerzak; Yu-Ping Chang

Healthcare Workers’ Perceptions of Work-Related Stress and Burnout: Strategies and Barriers for Self- Care
Michelle Kober; Courtney Hanny; Leann Balcerzak; Christopher Barrick; Linda Steeg; Joshua R. Altemoos; Nouf Alanzai; Yu-Ping Chang

Key Considerations for Conducting Qualitative Research with LGBTQ+ Youth
Caitlin Nye; Jennifer Livingston; Amy Hequembourg

Adaptive Procedures and Methods for Engaging and Retaining Minority and Underserved Participants in a Mobile App Intervention for Mental Health
Cristina de Rosa; Courtney Hanny; Leann Balcerzak; Ashleigh Homes; Kelly Wofford; Danielle Balling; Yu-Ping Chang

Patients’ Common Meanings and Shared Practices of Navigating a Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment in a Rural Setting: A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Study
Martha Curtin; Suzanne Dickerson; Darryl Somayaji

Exploring the Relationship Between Social Determinants of Health and Functional Independence Among Stroke Survivors in the Inpatient Rehabilitation Setting
Mary Forgea; Jeanne Langan; Christina Zaccarini; Rebecca Lorenz

Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy Through Effective Team Communication
Kelly Foltz-Ramos; Nicholas Fusco; Alison Vargovich; Jessica Kruger; William Prescott, Jr.

COVID-19-Related Disruptions in Reproductive Healthcare in an African Immigrant Population: A Cross-Sectional Survey
Kafuli Agbenmenu; Danielle Nazarenko; Stephanie Durfee; Samantha Auerbach; Ariel Daniel

The Association between Financial Resources, School Resources and Success on National Council Licensing Exam (NCLEX-RN) in Undergraduate Nursing Program
Jaclyn Jahn, Stony Brook University; Skyler Baez; Kenneth Faulkner, Stony Brook University; Annette Wysocki

Key Factors that Affected Older Adults with Memory Loss During the Initial Months of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Paul Kosciewicz; Rebecca Lorenz

Patients’ Experiences with Collaborative Mental Health Care in a Nurse-Managed Rural Primary Care Practice
Kristen Almeter; Nicole Roma, Christopher Barrick, Yu-Ping Chang

Social Determinants of Health and Utilization Patterns in Western NY Heart Failure Patients: A Data Science Approach
Kathryn Ledwin; Sharon Hewner

About ENRS

The Eastern Nurses Research Society was established in 1988 as the research arm of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Nursing Association (MARNA) and the New England Organization for Nursing (NEON). The organization is comprised of RNs and others interested in promoting nursing research, with the mission to advance innovative nursing science.

The University at Buffalo School of Nursing is a proud annual leader partner and supporter of ENRS and the 35th Annual Scientific Sessions.

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