Clinical Skills Lab

The entire fourth floor of Wende Hall is dedicated to the clinical skills lab, where students can hone their clinical skills to gain confidence before working with patients.

High-tech. Hands-on.

The clinical skills lab includes a fundamentals lab, two simulation rooms, a debriefing room and classroom space with audio/video technology. The space is dominated by the fundamentals lab that features a nine bed facility complete with headwalls and mannequins. Each bed includes a desktop computer for electronic charting with an electronic health record software system, Docucare that was installed in Fall 2015. The program is used across the baccalaureate clinical laboratory practicum.

The two patient simulation rooms on the fourth floor can be used for advanced scenario training and skills competency testing. These rooms feature beds with working simulation mannequins, equipment column, and audio/visual recording tools. Both the fundamentals lab and advanced simulation rooms are controlled by an audio/video control room in which teaching assistants and faculty members are able to select the mannequin they wish to manipulate, act as the “voice” of the patient, and start and stop the recording equipment.



Director of Simulation