Nurse Faculty Loan Program

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What is the Nurse Faculty Loan Program (NFLP)?

NFLP is a federal program designed to increase the number of nursing students who pursue careers as full-time faculty teaching in schools of nursing. Full-time or part-time graduate students who plan careers as nurse faculty are eligible to apply and may be eligible for up to five years of financial support (contingent upon ongoing federal funding and therefore subject to change). The NFLP loan may not exceed $35,500 per student for any academic period.

The graduate is required to obtain full-time nurse faculty employment within 24 months following graduation (this is part of the COVID-19 emergency relief measures and may change in 2022). Faculty positions may be in any state and at any accredited nursing program. Up to 85% of the total loan amount will be forgiven if the graduate works full time for four years in a nurse faculty position. 

What expenses does the NFLP cover?

NFLP covers the cost of tuition, books, fees, lab expenses and other reasonable educational expenses.

Funding cannot be approved for the following:

  • General living expenses (room, board, personal expenses)
  • Family health insurance
  • Student transportation costs
  • Expenses specifically covered by another source of funding
    • For example, if you are an RA/TA and get a University tuition award, then you cannot claim University tuition as cost under NFLP. If in doubt, please contact Financial Aid for assistance.

Who is eligible to apply to the NFLP?

School of Nursing students are eligible to apply if they are committed to assuming a full-time faculty role upon graduation. All applicants will complete a brief essay demonstrating their commitment to the nurse faculty role. NLFP loans will be awarded for a full academic year until funds are expended. Priority will be given to full-time students and students who already have received NFLP support and those who do not have funding from other sources. NFLP funds are limited; students will be funded as the amount currently in our account permits.

Eligibility requirements for new and continuing applicants:

  • Be a US citizen or national of the US, or a lawful permanent resident of the US and its territories;
  • Be and remain in good academic standing while enrolled in the PhD program; and
  • Have no judgment liens entered against him/her based on the default on a federal debt, 28 U.S.C. 3201(e).

Who is not eligible to apply to the NFLP?

At this time, only students enrolled in the PhD program are eligible to apply. 

What are the responsibilities of NFLP recipients?

If you are approved to receive monies from the NFLP, it is recommended that recipients do the following:
  • Encouraged to participate in programming focused on the faculty role or teaching methods/strategies sponsored by the Office of Curriculum, Assessment and Teaching Transformation(CATT) or serve as a teaching assistant.
  • Follow application procedures each year continued funding is desired (as required by HHS). Funding is contingent upon ongoing federal funding.

Recipients are responsible for registering for coursework or fulfilling other teaching activities that may be required. The SON is not responsible if students neglect to complete required courses or maintain participation in teaching activities.

The University must stop disbursement if the borrower fails to meet the above requirements; withdraws from the institution; fails to meet the academic standards of the institution; or requests to terminate participation in the NFLP program.

How do I apply for NFLP funding?

  • Once admitted/matriculated into the PhD program, the Office of Student Services will email an application to all eligible candidates.
  • Fill out the application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form .

How many students will be eligible for the NFLP?

Awards will cover as many qualified students as possible until funding is depleted.