Victoria Finamore, BSN, RN, Presidential Scholar


About Ashleigh

  • Hometown: Sylva, NC
  • Favorite Self-Care Activities: Hiking, yoga, and traveling
  • Undergraduate Education: Bachelor of Science, Nursing, East Tennessee State University
  • Current Program: PhD


The SUNY University at Buffalo School of Nursing’s PhD program maintains an excellent reputation as a research institution, offers an online class alternative, and provides a multitude of resources to stimulate academic achievement. 

Areas of Interest

I choose to focus my passion and efforts on a rapidly developing specialty referred to as cardio-oncology. It is the study of treatment-induced cardiotoxicities presented in cancer patients during therapy or survivorship. Cancer survivors increase in millions globally each year. Living longer than ever, scientists discovered most cancer survivors perish due to cardiovascular disease rather than oncologic. Constantly evolving in its infant state, expansion of knowledge in cardio-oncology is imperative. After all, cardiac and oncologic diseases are the top two killers around the world.  

Currently, I serve as a cardio-oncology nurse leader for the International Cardio-Oncology Nurse Working Group and appointed council member of the American Heart Association Cardio-Oncology subcommittee.

I also mentor students, consult institutions, and both create and present educational content on cardio-oncology nursing.  

Professional Goals

I view my future self as a cardio-oncology nurse leader, scientist and educator. My goal is to contribute to cardio-oncology specialty knowledge, decrease prevalence of cardiovascular disease and advocate for cardio-oncology patient populations, and encourage fellow nurses to pursue involvement in evidence-based practice. 

Health Care Impact

As an evolving nurse leader in cardio-oncology, I will engage in the establishment of cardio-oncology as a nursing specialty. 


The Presidential Scholarship provides me the opportunity to focus on studying as a full-time student. Thankful for this honor, I will use this beneficial opportunity to become the leader, scientist and educator I intend to be.