Amarjot Gill, MN, BSN, RN, DNS-CT, Presidential Scholar

Amarjot Gill.

About Amarjot

  • Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Favorite Self-Care Activities: Journal writing
  • Undergraduate Education: Bachelor of Science in Nursing,  Ryerson University; Master of  Clinical Nursing, University of Toronto
  • Current Program: PhD


I choose the UB School of Nursing for my PhD studies because I believe that the UB School of Nursing’s vision and core values support my nursing philosophy. (i.e., Relational care with a scientific approach while maintaining reverence for human dignity.)

Furthermore, the UB School of Nursing provides a synchronous online learning format which will enhance my flexibility to balance my professional and academic responsibilities. 

Areas of Interest

My areas of interest are cardiovascular risk reduction, stress management, social isolation and gerontology.  

My past academic, research and professional nursing practice experience in cardiology and geriatrics crystallized my research objective of advancing the safety and healthcare quality of older adults diagnosed with cardiovascular diseases living in assisted living facilities. This research may equip healthcare professionals with robust and reliable evidence to provide safe, efficient, and high-quality care to older adults with cardiovascular diseases. 

I maintain devotion to my research interests by instilling an investigative mindset and a passion for integrating evidence-based practice to optimize health care services and patient satisfaction. I dedicate my time to analyzing new empirical studies in the areas of my research interest for valuable insights. Moreover, my voluntary engagement with the heart and stroke foundation enables me to grasp the clinical reality while delivering health programs for the clients in the community. 

Professional Goals

My practical and theoretical learnings have confirmed my desire to focus my interest on promoting evidence-based nursing practice for practitioners worldwide and my career goal of becoming a research professor. 

Health Care Impact

My research goals will emphasize a complex interplay of scientific knowledge, relational care and inter-professional collaboration, which will promote safe, effective and high-quality nursing care delivery in diverse health care settings. 


The Presidential Fellowship will be valuable in my academic research as it will provide me with a platform to access the resources that I require to accomplish my academic objectives. Moreover, it will help me build professional connections with specialists from diverse disciplines within and outside the UB community to help me achieve my academic and professional goals.