What You Need to Know About UB's Nursing Student Organizations

Nursing students sitting outside.

Student organizations are a great way to find support, meet new people, connect with your peers and even become a leader. While there are plenty of student organizations university-wide, did you know that UB SON has three of its own?

We talked to each president to find out exactly what you need to know about UB’s nursing student organizations.

Multicultural Nursing Student Association (MNSA)

Headshot of nursing student Jessica Nguyen.

President: Jessica Nguyen 
Email: jn53@buffalo.edu 

The Multicultural Nursing Student Association (MNSA) at UB School of Nursing is a student-run organization that seeks to promote diversity throughout the undergraduate nursing student body. Our goal is to tackle the important concept of providing culturally sensitive nursing care. To achieve this, students must have awareness of his or her cultural world-view, strong communications skills and compassion. MNSA strives to instill these qualities within the SON through the understanding and celebration of each other's unique heritage, upbringing and beliefs. MNSA welcomes all nursing students, of all backgrounds and all disciplines.  

Although our school year may be different than years past, MNSA is committed to cultivating an inclusive environment for all students at our school. To protect the health and safety of our nursing students and staff, we are planning to host virtual events this semester. Updates and meeting times will be posted to our UBLinked page and on the NSO/MNSA course page on UBLearns, which all UB School of Nursing students have access to. 

If you have any questions about MNSA or have suggestions of future events you would like to see, please email us at buffalomnsa@gmail.com. We hope to see you at our events! 

Graduate Nursing Organization (GNO)

UB nursing student Jenna walden.

President: Jenna Walden 
Email: Jmwalden@buffalo.edu

Are you a doctoral or a PhD student? If you are, did you know you are already a member of the Graduate Nursing Organization (GNO)? School is tough, and we all have lives outside of the classroom. Sometimes, we just need a breath of fresh air.

The GNO provides informative meetings on topics meant to ease your transition through your graduate program.

I became an active member of the GNO because I had a lot of unanswered questions that weren’t being addressed in the classroom. We meet once a month to discuss a new area and we are always open to ideas for future meetings. Please join us in getting the most out of our programs, allowing for better opportunities once we walk across that graduation stage!

To become an active member, send me an email at jmwalden@buffalo.edu or reach out to any one of our GNO members.

Nursing Student Organization (NSO)

UB nursing student Kevin Carberry.

President: Kevin Carberry 
Email: kgc@buffalo.edu

UB’s Undergraduate Nursing Student Organization (NSO) is an academic organization for all undergraduate students in the nursing program. The ABS students, seniors and juniors are all welcome to attend our meetings and events. You can join the NSO on UBLinked. By joining there, you can contact any of the e-board members and we will be able to give you up-to-date information on meetings and events. The expectations for members include attendance at two events or meetings per semester.  

The NSO has many benefits when you join. You are able to network with your peers, volunteer in the community, attend our annual job fair, and purchase items from the annual clothing sale, which includes the clinical jacket that you are authorized to wear while in clinical. The Pinning Ceremony is our final event of the year, and it signals the transition of students into professional nurses.

I joined the NSO to help prepare myself to become a professional nurse. The NSO’s mission is to prepare students for the assumption of professional responsibilities, provide unity and fellowship through social education and service activities, and facilitate communication between students, faculty, and administration. 

Unfortunately, due to the current pandemic, many of the events we would have liked to do were canceled. For safety reasons, our meetings will probably be virtual for the Fall 2020 semester. We are planning some exciting events such as a virtual Q+A panel with nurses in various fields for students to get a better idea of where they would like to work and a virtual game night.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to reach out to me, Kevin Carberry, at kgc@buffalo.edu.  You can also follow us on Instagram @ubnso.

To learn more about our UB SON student organizations, visit our UB SON’s Nursing Student Organizations page.

Published October 9, 2020